A phone scam that promises to forgive your student loans is making the rounds in West Michigan again.

Two people at WZZM 13 received the call Wednesday morning.

In both cases, it was someone offering to forgive their student loan debt, which they don’t have.

The caller goes on to say it's a government program that was introduced by President Barak Obama.
The company will likely ask for an upfront fee to negotiate with the loan lender on your behalf. In most cases, they will take your money and run.

The best thing to do, is hang up.

The truth is, student loans can be forgiven, but only under specific circumstances, which are not easy. One option is to contact the Michigan Department of Treasury and ask them if there are any current programs that might help you in your situation.

The state of Michigan has recently announced a free financial counseling program for student loan borrowers with delinquent loans. This program is running until Jan. 1, 2018.