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Clicking fake coupons could put virus on your computer

Here's how to avoid that!

This coupon looks like something you could sink your teeth into promising three free large pizzas to celebrate Little Caesar's anniversary. But any way you slice it, the promotion is fake.

Here's the best way to find out if any coupon is real or fake. Instead of clicking on the Facebook post, go to that company's website or social media page. If the deal is real, they'll post it there. Or in the case of Little Caesar's, you'll see a waring like this: "There is currently a fraudulent Little Caesar's coupon in circulation. We recommend that you do not click through to the coupon, as it may download a virus on your computer or device."

And making things worse, the website Hoax-Slayer says if you actually clicked the coupon it would direct you to click on a list of links, “giving the site permission to share your information with ‘site sponsors’ … soon you will be inundated with unwanted phone calls, text messages, emails."

So remember as cheesy as it is: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.