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BUY IT NOW: $60 off Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Back and Neck Massager with free shipping

The massage of a lifetime doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg!  Whether you're massaging your shoulders, neck, calves, ankles, upper or lower back, I have you covered with a big bargain today.

Last week I showcased a foot massager which became one of my most popular deals of the month. I figured I would pair that with a different way to target the rest of your body, just in time for Father's Day!

Today, for less than the cost of one massage at a spa, you can score massages whenever you want. I test dozens of robo massagers every season, and the one today which I recently featured on my live show with Amazon is a winner and it's now under $70!

While there are other nearly identical (in terms of appearance) models at a lower price, the model I found is the most reminiscent of a proper massage from human hands. Thanks to strong and customizable massage rollers, this robo system is my top pick. It can also be used to target your legs, calves or lower back.

An included car adapter means you can enjoy the benefits of a massage in your car if you are NOT driving. A passenger can now relax while someone else does the driving.

The benefits of massage are countless but improved circulation and reduced stress are two key advantages for me.

Click the play button to see this brand new for 2019 massage system in action! 

Features of the Pur Relaxation Massager:

  • Provides quick pain relief
  • Ideal gift for a grad or for Father's Day
  • Enjoy massage benefits while laying on a bed or couch
  • Comes with a car adapter so passengers can relax
  • Heat mode brings additional comfort
  • Features strong heated massage rollers
  • Programmed with four different shiatsu and massage programs
  • Fully rechargeable battery and cordless operation
  • Full two hours of continuous use on one charge (full day of on and off use)
  • Can be powered with an included wall adapter
  • Can be used on a bed to target the upper back and shoulders
  • Three different speeds
  • Felt the most similar to a real massage thanks to bi-direction 3D rolling
  • Lowest-recorded price

BUY IT NOW: $60 off Pur Relaxation Shoulder, Back and Neck Massager with free shipping
Was: $129.99
Now: $69.99


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