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BUY IT HERE: $45 Off Top Rated 8" Chef Knife + Free Prime Shipping

Amazon Prime Day 2018 is not just about tech! What could easily be the single best deal from the upcoming global shopping event is something we can use every day that brings safety and savings.

Chef knives were the second most popular product for our fans Prime Day — behind only pillows.

Many of you know I'm an active deal-hunter producing content for Google and YouTube and one of our studios shares building space with the Food Network. You should have seen the reaction from the chefs who helped me test this deal for today!

For slicing and dicing fish, meat, herbs and vegetables, the five-star 8-inch chef knife just listed for Prime Day is a winner. It's forged from an exclusive single sheet of stainless steel, and it's designed to prevent slip-ups and increase kitchen safety.

What could be the best knife you'll own is not only a deal for Prime Day that I've hunted down early, but the price is mind-boggling.

Watch my favorite TV chef put this deal to the test and offer his expert insight.

- The last knife you'll ever need to buy

- 57 Rockwell Hardness: 15° blade angle delivers outstanding cutting performance

- This knife stayed sharper than Wusthof in our 3-month slice tests

- Friodur ice hardened blades are corrosion-resistant

- Comfortable molded handles are break-proof and sanitary

- Forged from a single piece of exclusive high carbon steel

- Ideal for chopping herbs, cutting vegetables, slicing fish and meat

- Lowest price ever seen for a knife of this caliber

$45 Off Top Rated 8" Chef Knife + Free Prime Shipping

Was: $69.99

Now: $24.99

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