BUY IT NOW: Save over $300 on a lifetime subscription to MindFi Mindfulness

  • WHAT IS THIS? A lifetime subscription to an innovative mindfulness app.
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Busy people who want to stop the constant chatter in their heads.
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? It incorporates meditation into your schedule without interfering with your activities.

Practicing mindfulness can quiet that never-ending dialogue in your head, helping you to stress less and focus more. But if you’re constantly busy and can’t find the time to sit in a quiet room to meditate, mindfulness is out of the question. Unless, however, you invest in the MindFi Mindfulness app.

Rather than separate you from it, MindFi manages to incorporate meditation into your busy schedule, without interfering with any of your activities. You don’t need to lock yourself in a quiet room; the three-minute meditation sessions can all be done with your eyes open, while you work on other tasks. Created by top meditation teachers and neuroscientists, this app allows you to recharge with its curated mindfulness exercises you can do wherever, whenever you want.

The app offers four different mindfulness exercises based on the time of day: short breathing exercises for quick breaks, short meditation exercises for rough days, a Pomodoro timer to increase productivity, and 10-minute mindfulness courses on sleep, leadership, and more. Finally, a positive use for your phone!

Typically, a lifetime subscription to MindFi Mindfulness would cost you $365, but right now it’s 89% off on and will only run you $39.

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