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Babies aren't cheap. New parents have to pay additional costs for diapers, baby furniture and baby clothes, as well as the physical costs associated with a lack of sleep.

That's in part what makes Serta's new "Your Baby is Your Coupon" promotion so attractive. It promises to let you use your baby to actually save money on a product that can help you get more restful sleep: a new mattress.

The catch: you need to spend money to benefit from the promotion, and it might not save you money on a mattress.

According to the fine print for the promotion, participating Serta retailers will give new parents a "gift" worth up to $300 if they buy select Serta mattresses for $1,999 or more. New parents who buy select Serta mattresses for less than $1,999 will receive a "gift" worth up to $200.

"Discounts and gifts with purchase will vary by model and retailer," the promotion terms and conditions note.

If you're a new parent in desperate need of a new mattress and money isn't an option, it might be worth a call to your local Serta retailer for more information about the gift they're offering. The promotion continues through May 20.

But if your new bundle of joy has you on a tight budget, you might be better served looking for other deals that can help you get better rest — like this sale on a Queen-sized mattress topper for $59.99.


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