In my continued quest to save you as much cash as humanly possible, today a way to lock in the lowest airfare!

One of my favorite free apps is the key to booking your flight at the best possible time.

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Flights are my frugal focus today. In the past, and in my research for USA Today Travel, many of the pricing patterns to track flight price drops no longer apply. It used to be airlines typically lowered prices on a Tuesday but most rules are now out the window, with flight price drops often occurring without rhyme or reason.

Hopper is a free app for both Apple and Android that shows you when to buy and helps you score the lowest fare. It's easy to use:

1. After downloading the free app, click on the color coded calendar to search for a flight.

2. Hopper will then locate the cheapest flights. Hopper's best feature is its ability to suggest whether you book a flight or wait for a price drop.

-- If Hoppers wants you to WAIT, tap the binoculars and Hopper will notify you for the next available deal.

--If Hoppers suggests that you BUY, choose your ideal flight and it will book it for you.

You can check out Hopper right here.

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