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Try It Before You Buy It: Alien Tape

We try out Alien Tape: It claims to be a non-adhesive way to hang items and keep items in place. Does it work? We Try It Before You Buy It!

Today we are going to try Alien Tape. Will its results be out of this world?

Looking at it, it feels like a thick stretchy sticky rubber, and it comes in three ten-foot rolls you can cut to shape. It claims you can use it on brick, wood, stucco, glass, or even drywall, but note it says it will damage drywall.

We can use this to put up pictures, shelves on walls, or even keep a rug in place, but enough with the claims.

Let's Try It Before You Buy It!

First up, let's see if we can stick a shelf to the wall. For this, we're going to use four one-and-a-half-inch pieces. It's easy to cut and was easy to apply. We attached a shelf to a living room wall and used some pressure to attach it, then we finished it off with a few decorations. We left it up to see how it holds.

Ever think about putting a pot on the wall?  We applied a small strip on the pot and then applied it to this textured wall, and it stuck well. After removing it, it took a little chunk of drywall, and the Alien Tape bonded tightly to the bottom of the pot and took a while to remove.

Let's try it out on a rug.

Sick of those moving rugs on your flat floors? We attached a small strip to the corner and pressed it to the floor, and it worked great. The rug wouldn't budge, and when we needed to remove it, it was pretty easy, and it left no residue.

Circling back to the shelf. It started to give a little bit, and the top-heaviness of the weight started to pull the shelf down. We noticed that some of the tabs that we thought were attached to the wall didn't grab properly.

What about the outdoors? We put a snow shovel and a piece of wood on the outdoor siding. The shovel sadly fell in two hours, but the woodblock stood the test of time. It's been there for over four weeks throughout the winter cold and wind.

So now what about putting a picture on the wall? We washed and reused some of the older tape we tried, then we mixed the used and new on the backside of the frame and put it up, and that picture will not go anywhere. Removing it was super tricky. It ended up taking a lot of the drywall along the way.

Overall Alien Tape worked well in every test, only failing with the lack of surface contact to hold the weight like with the shelf and shovel.

So, the positives:

      -It sticks to many surfaces, glass wood, plastic, and metal

      -Easy to cut to size

       -Withstands weather when outside

And the negatives:

       -Not as sticky when reusing a second time and the place you would use it          most, it does the most damage, drywall

Since the actual use of this is limited, we rate this:

Consider it!