After seeing a scary image on Facebook, I approached Tony Brown to help me test out my latest Try It Before You Buy It product.

The product is called Baby Foot Exfoliation Foot Peel. The picture Tony posted on Facebook wasn't actually his foot, but it was a terribly calloused big toe that looked like someone clipped it with nail clippers that made it look a lot like a centipede.

Tony's feet are rough like most of us, and was still willing to help me test out Baby Foot.

The box comes with two plastic booties that have a gel inside. The directions say to have clean feet, put the booties on, then just sit and relax for an hour.

Within five to seven days, the dead skin cells are supposed to peel, and could continue to peel naturally for up to two weeks depending on how much dead skin you have on your feet.

The process is supposed to leave your feet soft and smooth, just like a baby's foot.

Videos we saw online of this product showed people with huge chunks of skin sloughing off. It was quite remarkable.

When we met back up with Tony after a week, he showed us his feet peeled more in tiny pieces. He said tons of tiny skin fragments came off with a wash cloth.

When we examined his feet, they had lots of tiny peels everywhere. It wasn't the big pieces we expected, but his feet definitely peeled.

Tony felt like his feet were more rough than when he started, but he also said it was a more gentle way of removing dead skin than having to use a file or other tools.

Lauren Stanton puts the foot peel product Baby Foot to the test
Lauren Stanton and Tony Brown test out the exfoliation foot peel Baby Foot in this Try It Before You Buy it report

t's hard to say how well this product worked after Tony's test, but he wasn't real impressed. His feet weren't so baby soft when it was all said and done.

I bought Baby Foot as part of a special deal online for $12.95 at the time, but I've seen it from anywhere between $16 to $25 online and at stores like Target and Walmart.

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