COOPERSVILLE (WZZM)-- Water balloons are awesome summer time fun, but they're not always easy. They're time consuming, the balloons can break, and tying them can be a pain, especially if you're making dozens of them. Balloon Bonanza claims you can make 40 balloons instantly, without ever having to tie them.

I took them to Kim Rohm in Coopersville where 3 of her kids helped me put them to the test. Balloon Bonanza attaches to a hose. The attachment has 40 small plaster cylinders with balloons at the bottom. Their "aqua sealing technology" is what's supposed to tie-off the balloons, which look like tiny clear rubber or plastic bands at the top of the balloon. Each box comes with 3 bundles of the 40 balloons, giving you 120 balloons in each package.

When we attached the Balloon Bonanza to the hose, the balloons filled up quickly. You fill them over a bucket filled with water because once the balloons fill up, they fall off the cylinders. We were so impressed with how quick and easy it was. The balloons seemed a little small, but we thought it was okay.

But after we filled up all three bundles, we noticed many of our balloons started to shrink, like they were losing water. The directions say to use the water balloons within ten minutes of filling them, but they started to shrink way before ten minutes.

I had the kids go to town and we started our water balloon fight, but once we got into it, we realized many of our balloons had completely deflated with no water left in them.

Kim and I both thought the Balloon Bonanza was super cool and easy, but you have to use them immediately, or else it's a waste. I'm not sure that they're worth buying.

We found them at Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond for between $10 and $15 dollars for the set of three.