I got a Facebook message from the granddaughter of Beverly Becker. She wanted to know if I could test out the Deluxe Corn Stripper for her grandma, who loves to eat fresh sweet corn, but she worried about her using a knife the old way.

I took the Corn Stripper to Beverly and her daughter Nancy, and we tested it out.

The Deluxe Corn Stripper has a cylinder that you insert the entire ear of corn. It has prongs that hold it in place on the bottom, and a plastic lid that also holds it from the top. Then, another cylinder is inserted from the top and you use a twisting, downward motion as the device takes the kernels off the cob.

Once I figured it out, I thought it worked pretty well. But, it does take some time and a little effort.

Beverly on the other hand, had a harder time.

She just didn't have the strength to use the device in an efficient manner. She thought maybe the Deluxe Corn Stripper wasn't something people her age should invest in.

Bottom line, it works -- but, I don't know if it's any faster than using a knife to remove the kernels. It might be safer, though. You definitely need a little strength to make it work efficiently.

I found it on Amazon for $21.95, but had some hefty shipping fees, so we paid $33.83.