There are a number of inflatable lounge chairs on the market, where instead of using your lungs to blow them up, you simply swoop air into inflatable bags and they form what many say are tree-less hammocks.

They fold up and can be carried in a small bag, so they're great for the beach, camping or outdoor concerts.

We called around to see if anyone was selling them locally and found "Just Add Water" in Douglas, Michigan was selling "Lamzac the Original" inflatable air lounger by Fatboy.

It takes a little practice to inflate them.

I had to get the hang of how you swoop the material and capture the air. But after just two tries, I was able to inflate my bag.

The Lamzacs are comfortable and form to your body just like a hammock.

They're made with a double layer of a plastic liner and parachute outer material, so them seem durable even when multiple people plop down on them. In fact, I liked sitting sideways with two people the most.

WZZM 13's Lauren Stanton puts "Lamzac the Original" inflatable lounge chair to the test in this Try It Before You Buy It report.

These are great for young kids and young adults (some people might have a hard time getting out of them); definitely those who are part of the hammocking crowd.

I would recommend the Lamzac, but they are pricey.

They sell for around $84 at Just Add Water. There are other brands or knock-offs, but I can't speak for their quality, so be careful if you order another brand.

For more information, go to or visit Just Add Water on Facebook or at 450 W Center St. in Douglas.