Spray Perfect is the spray on nail polish that promises perfectly polished nails in just seconds.

The commercial shows you spray it on like spray paint, but then you simply wash your hands, and the nail polish comes off your fingers, but not your nails.

Three of us put it to the test here at the WZZM 13. You have to apply a base coat on your nails first, and let that sit for three to four minutes. Then, you spray on the nail polish and let that sit for another three to four minutes. After that, you apply the top coat -- and again, let it sit for three to four minutes.

It was not any faster than applying normal nail polish.

The polish washed off our hands and fingers with some scrubbing and soap and water, and did stay on our nails. But, it chipped off within hours, even with an extra top coat they suggested for longer wear and better shine.

We gave the "Spray Perfect" a thumbs down. It wasn't any faster and the nail polish didn't last.