(WZZM) -- Christmas is the time for lighting the yule log, putting up the tree, and hanging lights on the house -- but the frustration of untangling Christmas lights and climbing up to install them is not fun.

The Star Shower claims it can light up a house in seconds. We put the product to the test and found that it works surprisingly well.

Rex Bonner is a WZZM 13 employee and says he spends a weekend hanging lights, so when he saw the Star Shower laser light claimed to do it in seconds, he wanted to test it.

The commercial shows the Star Shower lighting a whole house quickly, while also claiming it's 99 percent cheaper to run than Christmas lights.

Rex bought the Star Shower from the company's website for $39.99. When we unboxed it, the product looked like a small projector. It also came with a screw-in stake to put it in the ground.

We tested the product first indoors and discovered it won't turn on if it detects light. We covered the light sensor, and the room filled with green and red dots. We flicked a switch, setting it to green dots, too. The directions also say it's safe to look at the laser as the device scatters the light.

The next step was trying it outside. We ran an extension cord to the front of the house, put the projector into the ground, and turned it on. We had placed the device so close to the house it only illuminated half of it with red and green dots, and even with the porch light on, the points of light were quite visible. We backed the laser up to cover the whole house in dots, which of course caused the distance between the dots to become larger.

The commercial claimed one projector was enough, but Rex said he thought it could take more to get the same effect seen on houses in the commercial. It took another five minutes to add three more Star Showers to the mix, and sure enough, the house lit up with thousands of green and red dots.

From the road, the house looked very festive. However, the laser is ultimately not as bright as traditional Christmas lights.

While getting the look Rex wanted took more projectors than the commercial suggested, the product was simple to use, saved time, and looked cool.

Did the Star Shower light show ultimately live up to Rex's expectations? It did, he said. "It does the job, and you don't have to get out any ladders."

We're calling the Star Shower a success.