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Try It Before You Buy It: WYZE Night Lights

Do the WYZE night lights shine when it comes to illuminating dark places? We test them out.

Are you scared to go into the dark places when you’re alone? Need to shine a light on where you step?

Then WYZE night lights look to solve this problem.

But do they work?

Let’s Try It Before You Buy It!

The WYZE night lights come in a pack of three and are simple to set up. You can turn it on, and it’s on. Or you can set it to auto. Setting it to auto will turn on the motion sensor feature, so it will only come on in the dark when it senses motion. It’s probably the only mode you’ll really need.

One plus is if you turn on auto on multiple units, you can sync them to all turn on when one senses motion. This is helpful if you’re illuminating a hallway. But you can also use it to notify you if someone is lurking down that hallway as well, since it’s got some range to it.

The lights have a magnetic backing, so you can stick them on any metal surface or use the included metal mouthing strips. They are pretty, umm, light. The light output of these is the same as a single candle, so it’s not going to overpower you in the dark but serves its purpose well.

These lights are all rechargeable but don’t come with any power cables to charge them with, so you’ll need a USB-C cable to charge them. Charging took about an hour, and they seemed to last for a while.

Our kit also included some cute little faces you can stick on, as well as stick-on metal plates to mount to the wall. Overall, these worked well, but one thing to mention is they aren’t smart lights, so there’s no app to control them.

The WYZE night lights cost around $20 for a three-pack and come with everything you need to install them once, but again one thing they are missing is a way to charge them. So, the results:

The positives:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to link multiple lights together

And the negatives:

  • No cables to charge the lights
  • No extra mounting plates or tape

If you need a simple, easy pack of night lights, we recommend these as a Buy It!