If you happened to get on WZZM13.com Wednesday, you may have been wondering about the odd closing alerts on our website.

WZZM 13's parent company, TEGNA, was doing a little site maintenance work, and someone put in hilarious placeholders for their own amusement. That led to a handful of bizarre school closures appearing on our site, and about 20 other sites throughout the company.

We know at least a few eagle-eyed viewers did spot them, but in case you missed it yourself, they're too funny not to share:

There's Empire State University: closed for skrull invasion.

Gotham Middle School, delayed two hours.

The Quidditch tournament over at Hogwarts Athletics - two-hour delay.

Poor Miami-Dade Elementary School - closed for a Sharknado Crisis; there are no drills for that one.

Classic Pawnee; The high school was closed for a "raccoon problem."

Smallville High School was closed for a Mxyzptlk prank.

Sunnydale High School had to close for some "rabies-like" stuff.

And finally, we had another two-hour delay over at Xavier School for Gifted Youngsters.

Fear not, West Michigan. Our alternate universe is safe and sound, for now. Quidditch will proceed as scheduled.

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