Traffic on U-S 131 between 28th Street and Wealthy is back to normal after a major back up Thursday afternoon. During rush hour, a piece of highway buckled. Another piece of highway buckled Friday morning on I-196 near Zeeland.

"There were two slabs of concrete. When they expand, they've got to have somewhere to go. They they take the path of least resistance and go up", says John Richard with Michigan Department of Transportation.

On Thursday, A 20-minute commute turned into a two hours. “Yesterday, it was hot, 95 degrees. The pavement temperature was 115 to 120 degrees during rush hour. All those cars, two lanes taken away, it was a bad combination."

Crews removed the two pieces of concrete and replaced it with asphalt. MDOT was planning to fix that portion of roadway in a few weeks. "That was a project this year where joints will be addressed, but blew up before we could get to it."

Friday morning, another piece of highway buckled on I-196 near Zeeland. This time it was after the morning commute and it was fixed before rush hour. "It wasn't as big as the one yesterday and traffic a lot lighter for sure."

On U-S 131, the piece of highway now has a temporary patch. In the next few weeks MDOT says it will be permanently replaced.