The only thing you’ll hear through the front doors at Gilda's Club is laughter.

Well, laughter and the sound of needles weaving yarn into scarves, little hats, socks and almost anything else imaginable.

This room in Gilda’s Club is safe: a place that locks in positivity, encourages, supports -- it has to because a lot of these women have a story in which many can relate.

"Knitting for me personally, has become more of a therapy," said Gilda member, LeeAnn Dehaan.

Dehaan was introduced to this group that calls themselves the “Knit Witts” by her mother. All the members have different stories but share something that keeps them coming back week after week.

"So, I started in January and two weeks after that I was diagnosed with breast cancer," Dehaan said.

Those hats, scarves and socks they're knitting aren’t for themselves but for someone who’s living their cancer story. For Dehaan, she learned first-hand the importance of this group.

"When I came in here, I couldn’t say it. My mom helped me to say it. The hugs, love and support I got at that time were phenomenal," Dehaan said.

Every Monday for two hours, these ladies carve out time for themselves. To sit, laugh, and most importantly, not worry.

"You start to look different and feel different, and you were always the same person. I wasn’t a cancer survivor, or a person going through cancer, I was LeeAnn. It’s hard to put into words on the support you get here," Dehaan said.

Visit this website for more information on the Knit Wit's or Gilda's Club.