It's been 50 years since astronaut and Grand Rapids Native Roger Chaffee died during testing on Apollo 1.

Now he's being honored at a symposium hosted by Grand Rapids Public Museum and Grand Valley State University.

Friday, a conference was held on campus to celebrate space exploration in honor of Chafee and that night a dinner was held, with portions of ticket proceeds going to a scholarship in Chaffee's name.

His daughter Sheryl remembered him as she spoke at that dinner.

Chaffee served as CAPCOM for the Gemini 3 and Gemini 4 missions before receiving his first official spaceflight assignment in 1966.

President Bill Clinton posthumuously awarded Chaffee the Congressional Space Medal of Honor for his service.

GVSU is also hosting a photo exhibit about the life of Roger Chaffee. That's on display through March 31 on the West Wall Gallery in the Eberhard Center.