Its been a little over six months since the murder of Jeanne Huntoon.

The 34-year-old was stabbed to death near Grand Rapids Community College in April. Authorities have charged Marcus Bivens with her murder.

Bivens is undergoing an evaluation before a judge decides whether's he's competent to stand trial but court documents reveal he confessed to the murder.

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Today friends and family are putting all of that aside to remember her on her birthday.

"I just know when we were making plans for this, she's happy with it," Debbie Huntoon, Jeanne's mom said. Though her daughter may not be there to blow out the candles, that's not stopping her. "All of us have to stay positive. We have to keep our strength, we have to go forward and that's what she would want."

"She taught me how to have fun with yourself, how to be silly, how to look at the world with a smile and just to go on every single day looking for a ray of sunshine in people," Jeanne's cousin, Morgan Welmerink, said.

A mentality, keeping this group together, and keeping the memory of her, a happy one.

"Its been really hard on all of us you know, I mean I feel her, she don't want me sick," Debbie Huntoon said. "She don't want me to get upset, to have anger in me, she's besides me and she guides me and she's my strength right now."