Cody Lee Miller, the man who became known as “Man in Tree” after sitting atop an 80 foot Sequoia in downtown Seattle for over 24 hours last week, was charged Monday with third-degree assault and first-degree malicious mischief.

Miller, 28, gave Seattle and social media a full day of civil disobedience as he held police and emergency responders at bay. Police say he threw cones, branches, and fruit at officers and firefighters, striking and injuring one officer behind the ear.

Miller has a criminal history in Oregon for criminal mischief, trespass, assaulting a public safety officer, and some boating violations.

Seattle police had a run in with him just days earlier. Miller was sitting on the sidewalk in front of the Starbucks on Capitol Hill. When an officer tried to give him a written warning for violating the sit-lie ordinance, he "stated his first name was Edward and last name was Cullen," according to the probable cause statement.

Edward Cullen is also the name of the vampire in the "Twilight" series who also hung out in trees. Witnesses say Miller shouted out references to the vampire books during his standoff.

Miller is held on $50,000 bail.