GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. - It's an art medium using sound and light to create art. The installation created by Detroit Pitch Night winner, Troy Ramos, is located at The Fifth Third Center (111 Lyon Street).

According to the artist;

Sound Space is a sound installation with an original sound work, lights and is set in a space offering observers an opportunity for having an experience, inviting possible connections between the visitor and the work and/or anything else that may occur to them or happen during their visit. Sound Space explores these ideas by allowing visitors to examine their ability to experience a work through the quality of listening habits. The kind of attention we give anything reflects our mindset, our habits and our connection to things and to others. This work asks us to consider important questions about our relationship to others, which includes artworks, through our ability to experience a work. Sound Space also explores our approach to connecting with a work, and how our attention affects our perception of it. This work is set up in a way which fosters a healthy relationship between the observer and the experience.

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