A new method of transportation has made its way to the lakeshore. Electric bikes are hitting the street after legislation was passed a few months ago.

With the ability to go over 20 miles an hour, electric bikes are gaining speed in the world of transportation. Angela Sorensen would know, she's been selling them for the last three years.

"We started with three brands, last year we were at five, and now we're at eight," Sorensen said, an employee at the Electric Bike Place in Grand Haven.

Much of the popularity comes from all the benefits e-biking has. Not only can it make your commute quicker for people with health issues, it's an easier exercise.

"It's a really great way to provide extra assistance and create a very low impact exercise," Sorensen added.

But for a while there was some confusion of where should they ride, so recent legislation passed to clear that up.

The law created three classes of e-bikes:

  • Class 1: An e-bike that can go up to 20 mph while the rider is pedaling.
  • Class 2: An e-bike that can reach 20 mph whether the rider is pedaling or not.
  • Class 3: An e-bike that can get up to 28 mph while the rider is pedaling.

All three classes are allowed on the roadways and are welcome to use certain trails depending on the bike class, which was a clarification that certainly didn't hurt business.

"That's made our rentals a lot easier and of course our bike sales have increased because of that," Sorensen said.

The Electric Bike Place by MacKite does provide test rides and rentals for those interested in exploring the world of electric bicycling.

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