STOW, Ohio — Since the devastating massacre at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999, the United States has seen more than 240 school shootings.

Fast forward to 2019… Like pencils and notebooks, bulletproof backpacks are now becoming a reality for many students.

It's forcing parents to look for a sense of security.

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ShotStop in Stow manufactured body armor for law enforcement long before they started producing bulletproof boards.

The boards come in different sizes, weights and levels of protection -- all aimed at keeping your child safe.

Our next step was to put the ballistic board inside the backpack to see how it would hold up against an AR-15.

The boards cost between $150 and $340. 

The company says sales usually spike following a school shooting.  

Select Fire Training Center in Berea is offering a 10 percent discount on these ballistic boards.