Governor Rick Snyder vistied a prison in Ionia on Friday, he spent his time talking about ways inmates can stay away from crime after they are released. The governor toured the Handlon Correctional Facility outside of Ionia and the prisons"vocational village."

The prison runs the program for inmates who are within two years of their scheduled release. They learn how to do skilled trades like welding and machine operation.

One of the tutors is Robert Woods, an inmate serving a life sentence, he is passing along his skills to other men who can build a life on the outside, ""When they leave with something like this, they go home, get a good job and make decent money."

The governor says because of Michigan's current unemployment rate of four-point-nine percent, many employers are struggling to fill skilled trade positions, and they're willing to give people who have criminal records another chance in society, "This is a great time to have these people coming out with great credentials because I think they'll find good opportunities."