GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The shutdown is beginning to affect industries with a major presence in West Michigan.

Breweries, wineries and distilleries are all seeing disruptions to their normal operations.

"We didn't think it would necessarily impact us right away, either," Long Road Distillers co-founder Kyle Van Strien said. "Right now everything is just kind of on hold."

Like all alcohol manufacturers, Van Strien and his company work closely with the federal government. 

"We have to submit bi-monthly reports of our production, we have to tell them all of the grain that's coming into the distillery," Van Strien said.

He's required submit applications to the Federal Tax and Trade Bureau for new formulas along with applications for corresponding bottle labels.

"We have really no idea when we'll be able to release it," Van Strien said.

Normally the turn-around time for new products takes anywhere from five to 10 business days.

"I just checked this morning, we're at about 36 days and each day it goes up," Van Strien said.

Which means Long Road is at a standstill and unable to bring new spirits to market. 

"We really rely on limited releases, trying to stay fresh, doing new products, we're working on new things every week, so for us to have a small batch release that requires federal approval with this shutdown it just sets us back," Van Strien said.

While Van Strien and his employees are still receiving their paychecks, it's a major frustration for this small business.

"We're getting a little bit agitated at this point, we're starting to talk about it and it's definitely going to start impacting what we're able to work on and what we're able to move through the process and get into a bottle and behind a label," Van Strien said.

Long Road plans the release of new products on a yearly basis, so Van Strien said this shut down will have a direct impact on any future spirits his team produces and when they'll actually be able to come to market. 

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