You may have read various news reports about when to get a mammogram and why. The fact is that mammography is the best tool available to screen for breast cancer. It has helped reduce the breast cancer death rate in the United States by 30 percent. For every 1,000 women who have a screening mammogram:

· 100 are recalled to get more mammography or ultrasound images

· 20 are recommended for a needle biopsy

· 5 are diagnosed with breast cancer

We sat down with Stacey Newmyer, RN, a Nurse Navigator at the Mercy Health Comprehensive Breast Center. She cleared up the confusion about when to begin annual screening mammograms. 44-year-old Karrie Edwards was recently diagnosed with breast cancer following her first screening mammogram. She’s lucky she went in when she did. To learn more visit or call 616.685.6756 in Grand Rapids or 231.727.7926 along the lakeshore.