GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - When you have cancer as a woman, the last thing you may feel is beautiful.

But two women are trying to change that.

Profile Salon owners Kim Sheets and Pam Westers came up with the idea to provide free salon services for women with cancer. "We are so blessed by the women that are coming in. They can come here and get pampered and get loved on and I think that is the biggest affect that we see that we are making a difference to them."

They started with just ten clients six months ago and have grown to over 35. "They can get manicures, pedicures and get their hair colored if they have it, or get their head shaved. We can do it all for them," says Sheetz. "They come in, get fitted for a wig if they need a wig. We do that for them."

It's a day to forget the battle and just feel beautiful. That's how Kim and Pam came up with the name "Beautiful You". But the inspiration came from Kim's personal experience with breast cancer. "It was just devastating to our family."

Both of Kim's sisters were diagnosed with breast cancer. They survived, but not before Kim witnessed the toll it took on them. "The had to go through chemo and radiation, lost their hair, so I see the devastation of losing your hair and what that all means."

Jennifer Marcum was the first Beautiful You client to walk through their door. "I loved the name because it's really hard to feel beautiful when you're going through something like that. Everything just feels off and different and again like your body is being invaded. So to come here and have your body be pampered and to walk out feeling beautiful is such a fantastic gift."

It's hard for Jennifer to hold back the tears when she describes being alongside other women just like her. "It's a different feeling to just casually sit with somebody who you know is sharing in probably the hardest time of their life."

Each stylist donates her time and talents, so that other women can have the courage to look in the mirror and see just how beautiful they are.

Beautiful You is open the second Monday of every month at Profile Salon on Alpine Avenue.