A “ride in silence” is a tradition when someone on a bicycle is killed or injured on a public roadway. Wednesday night, hundreds of riders upheld the custom in Kalamazoo, to remember the 5 killed and 4 injured while bicycling in Kalamazoo Township Tuesday night.

Those participating in the tribute ride included men and women, boys and girls, some wearing skin tight racer outfits, others in jeans and sweat shirts. All were united in their grief and their determination to support the right to ride bikes on public roads.

“I’m in sympathy with the people who lost their lives,” explained Joe Steiner, who drove down from Cutlerville. “I have never participated in a group ride of any kind but I had to come here.”

“It was just really moving,” said Becky Clark after the five mile ride through the city. “I’m glad I was able to come and experience this.”

Police arrested the 50-year-old man who they say was driving the pickup truck that hit the bicycle riders, but have not yet said what charges he may face.

“This is the biggest crash I know of that’s happened with bicycles,” said Melissa Hughes. “Part of this demonstration is to show we can ride bicycles safely on the road in large groups.”