'Tis the season for giving, getting, and celebrating. On Saturday, WZZM learned companies are doing a little more of the latter this year.

Eight years ago Derek Maxfield would not have imagined a truck this full.

"Everything really grinded to a slow halt," Maxfield said as he stares at his business truck.

From 2008 and on when the economy suffered, so did specialty businesses, like Ice Sculptures Ltd.

"What we did notice was that companies didn't really want to flaunt, like 'Hey we're doing OK'," Maxfield said. "So if they did have the money and they're doing OK, they'd cut the ice sculptures out or they'd cut the Christmas party out."

In 2010, Battalia Winston, a company that annually surveys holiday parties recorded the worst slump in 22 years with just 79% of businesses holding some kind of celebration.

Tough times for this award winning business, but now they're seeing an upswing. This year's Battalia Winston survey recorded 89% of companies will have a party.

"With the economy coming back around and corporations wanting to give an extra thanks to show their employees that they are valuable to them and give them just the extra special touch."

A special touch, keeping business alive,

"With the increase in business, we've been able to keep up with the demand by getting new equipment and more employees," Maxfield said. "This year is probably going to be one of the best years on record for us."

Although economy is on an upswing surveys say 2016 marks one of the lowest for companies officially giving back to charity during the holiday season since 2010.

Just 67% of companies will be volunteering or collecting donations this year.