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Suspect in connection to Deanie Peters disappearance approved to go to trial

Frisbie plans to enter a not guilty plea in writing.

Judge David J. Buter found enough evidence to justify a trial for a man allegedly connected to the disappearance of Deanie Peters. James Frisbie, 61, is now going to circuit court. He plans to enter a not guilty plea in writing.

The first hearing in 40 years connected to the disappearance started in August and continued Monday. Frisbie was arrested for Perjury in July, and prosecutors took two days to lay out their evidence against him.

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The hearing started on Aug. 26 but ended before all of the witnesses could be called. On that day, the Prosecution called 6 witnesses in total and played a 30 minute recording of an investigative interview Frisbie did back in 2008.

Detective Paul Van Rhee testified at Monday’s hearing and said contradictory statements were made under oath. Van Rhee gave the following examples of contradictions:

  • Frisbie said 2008 was the only time he reached out to investigators, even though he reportedly spoke to investigators in 2002.
  • In 2021, Frisbie said Steve Osborne was a good kid and never forced himself on anyone. However, in a 2008 interview, Frisbie brought up rumors about Osborne raping and strangling girls.
  • Frisbie said he met with Steve Osborne in June 2021 for dinner but did not contact him after that. Phone records show an eight-minute phone call after that meeting, a day before Frisbie testified.

Steve Osborne, whose name is listed above, was brought up multiple times during the trial. In a 2008 conversation, Frisbie listed many names and rumors he had heard about the potential location of Peters' body, saying it may be in a swamp behind the home of Osborne.

During testimony, further details were brought to light about communication between Frisbie and Osborne. According to Van Rhee, six phone calls between the two were discovered on June 24. Those calls took place between May 28 and June 24, with one taking place on June 23. However, Frisbie did not admit to that call during his testimony the following day – on June 24.

When the phone was rechecked on July 2, Van Rhee said three phone calls with Osborne from June 21 were deleted.

Additionally, Van Rhee said the first time the phone was checked on June 24, there were 201 written communications between Frisbie and Osborne. When it was checked again on July 2, only two written communications existed.

Frisbie's case is now moving to circuit court. He has entered a not guilty plea.

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