It was standing room only at the Cascade Township Board meeting, Wednesday. Hundreds of homeowners showed up to protest plans, to build a "new" multi-million dollar Township Hall.

At last count, 261 Cascade area residents showed up, with several taking a stand at the podium,

They aren't thrilled with the idea to revamp Cascade Township Hall. One resident called the $7.5 million project the board's way of making a "Taj Mahal" in West Michigan.

The board said one of the goals in this project is to make Cascade more appealing to future residents and to facility the expected growth of the township. Tax payers argued that the board should make do with the current structure and to maintain a balanced budget.

"What gives you folks the idea that you're in a better position to decide on this than putting it to a vote for the residents of Cascade Township? This is our money," one resident said.

"Where are you guys coming up with the $7.5 million that you're going to spend of our money for something that you guys really don't need and on a budget that is absolutely outrageous. How can you guys justify 7.5? What, are you guys putting in there? Marble tile? You guys need to learn how to live on a formica budget," another resident said.

Cascade residents received a flyer in the mail urging them to attend Wednesday's meeting and stand up to what are some calling a scam by the Township Board. The idea is still just an idea. The board said they were give that estimate by a contractor and no funds have been put down on the project.