ArtPrize Eight beigns in less than a week and some of the artists are busy installing their exhibits.

Portage, Michigan native John Crookston has been working on his piece, which is a tiny house.

His ArtPrize entry is titled, "Granddaughter's Playhouse" will cost up to $100,000 when it's complete. Not only is Crookston entering the tiny house into the competition, he hopes to sell it.

"It's a real house," said Crookston, who happens to be a third generation union carpenter. "It weighs about 10,000 pounds; it's got a slate roof, a plaster interior, copper gutters and downspouts.

"It will also have granite countertops, and the interior will be completely furnished.

"The outside will be completely landscaped, as well."

Crookston's tiny house will be placed on the outside patio at Peppino's Restaurant, which is located at 130 Ionia SW in downtown Grand Rapids.

"Every day, what construction people do is art," said Crookston. "A lot of people don't recognize that, especially the people who do it, and I'm a firm believer in that.

"I'm also a big supporter in the arts, and I wanted to showcase that in this year's ArtPrize."