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Texas teen who started writing at 11 publishes first book

At the age of 16, many of us were learning how to drive, but what about publishing a book?

BEEVILLE, Texas — Chaselyn Roderick is a junior at Skidmore-Tynan High School and at just 16-years-old, she has published her very first book.

“I distinctly remember I started crying it was very emotional,” said Roderick.

“I started writing this book when I was 11 so it’s been a very long time. About five years.”

Chaselyn was only 11 years old when she began to write her now published book ‘Activated.’ Then, at 13 years old, she signed a deal with Texas publishing company ‘Clear Fork.’

“I realized you know from really young that I wanted to be an author, this is what I wanna do,” said Roderick. “And having somebody say we want this for you and we’re gonna make it happen blew my mind.”

For Chaselyn, being a published writer has always been her dream.

“You wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve re written this book and re written this book trying to get it perfect and now I feel like it is,” said Roderick.

This 16-year-old said this is just the beginning.

“It’s going to be a trilogy and we are hoping and planning on six spin off books. Just little short stories for it going back into character lives and explaining things,” said Roderick “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Chaselyn shares this message to other aspiring authors.

“If you want to tell a story, you have something to say do it, tell it, make it happen just go for it,” said Roderick.

If you’re interest in taking a look at Chaselyn’s book you can head over to Amazon.

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