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Celebrate the 'human experience' through dance with THE Modern Dance Company

This weekend you can expect the pressure to be low and the heels to be high at the 'Hip-Hop in Heels' workshop

TOLEDO, Ohio —

For a lot of people, the thought of performing in front of others can be nerve wrecking; but at the Modern Dance Company in downtown Toledo, expect the pressure to be low and the heels to be high as they host their first "Hip-Hop in Heels," workshop. 

"In this class you get to let loose, you get to be yourself, be free and just get sexy with it and no pressure," said modern dancer, Ama Chi. 

Chi, who has been dancing since she was 10, is a member of the Modern Dance Company and is the instructor for Saturday's workshop. 

She said men and women from all walks of life, and dancers at any level, are welcome to join her class. 

For her, the class isn't necessarily about winning 'Dancing with the Stars,' but it's about empowerment, which is needed for everybody.  

"Regardless of your age, color or creed, it' s okay to go somewhere, anywhere, to feel sexy, sultry. To feel great in your own skin and sometimes dance is the way to do that. Living that out through movement is how I express that, and I want to share that with other people," Chi explained.  

The 90-minute workshop is for adults only with limited tickets on sale for $25 and can be found here 

Chi said, those who attend, don't have to wear heels but are encouraged to bring them, as well as their wine of choice.  

But if you miss out on this opportunity to get your groove on, the Modern Dance Company is providing plenty of other chances to do so throughout the year. 

Co-founder and Artist Director Ashley Hill said, the non-profit organization offers at least 10 workshops a year, in addition to their weekly classes for all who share a love for dance. 

"This whole company is founded on the love of sharing dance and art. If you can bring that shared experience together, that celebrates our likenesses and that celebrates how we can be uplifting each other through this art form," said Hill. "We wanted to be a non-profit that provided that in the community and that's why we're open to the novice through the professional-aspiring dancer." 

Not only are the skill levels of the classes offered wide in variety, but genres of dance also range from tap, jazz, ballet and more. 

You can find out which classes are in season and how much each class costs here 

But if your appreciation for the art of dance comes from watching, and not doing, the Modern Dance Company also offers events for your entertainment as well. 

Through their contract with the popular Toledo Repertoire Theatre, the company performs at least twice a year, with their first performance of the year happening the March 21-March 22. 

However you may catch the company also performing for numerous events throughout the city for different local organizations, such as Women of Toledo and the Arts Commission.  

The funds from every performance with admission, is donated to the Toledo Repertoire Theatre and to the company's performing arts youth scholarship. 

But whether you're a skilled dancer, new to dancing or a spectator, for the folks with the Modern Dance Company, the love for artistic expression in any form is something special.    

"Art is the connecting piece to everything that makes us human," said Hill. 

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