COOPERSVILLE, Mich. (WZZM) – Drivers on Interstate 96 say they couldn’t help but notice all the litter along the highway as they passed the Republic Services Ottawa County Farms Landfill Friday afternoon.

"There was just crazy amounts of trash everywhere," says driver David Hunt.

Because of what company spokesman Russ Knocke calls "an extraordinary wind event," material blew out of the landfill and littered the highway and surrounding Coopersville countryside.

"It doesn’t make us very proud of Coopersville," says resident Roma Rinzema. "But it’s just once in a great while that it happens. And you wish the landfill was somewhere else at that time."

The company had teams out picking up the litter Friday , and Knocke says they will keep at it all weekend until all of the material is collected.

"And anybody in the community, any of our neighbors, who believe they see litter or material from the landfill, call us and we will go out right away to pick it up."

The company says they will also look at the placement of litter fences designed to catch material during high winds and decide if they should be rearranged.

Some wonder if a fine might also help prevent future littering of the landscape.

"They don’t get in trouble for it," says Hunt. "Why do we get in trouble if they don’t get into trouble for littering?"

"It doesn’t seem right, but you have to live with what happens sometimes," laughs Rinzema.