NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) -- A man snuck into a stranger's hotel room overnight, and walked away with their belongings. All the while, a couple was asleep in the bed.

It happened in the Quality Inn Hotel off I-40 in North Little Rock.

“Of course we were tired. We had traveled a pretty good distance that day.”

The couple affected did not want to be identified. They were traveling from Nashville, back to their home in Oklahoma City.

The wife chose to speak to THV11 over the phone.

“I don't think I got the full concept of it until I saw what had happened on the hotel camera.”

When they went to bed, surveillance video caught a man pushing each door in.

Every one he pushed was locked, until he got to the end of the hallway, when this couple's door popped open.

“We were in extreme disbelief. We never heard a thing...never.”

According to the video, in six minutes, this suspect robbed the couple of cash, debit and credit cards, cell phone, tablet, jewelry, a concealed carry permit, and the couple's legally-owned revolver.

“We were very careful to drive home so we didn't get stopped by police, because we had no identification.”

The hotel manager told THV11 off-camera that the individual responsible got into the hotel through a side door, and that people often keep the side doors propped open when they step out for a smoke break.

After the person left the hotel, surveillance video at a nearby Walmart caught him trying to use the couple's credit cards. He was unsuccessful.

“What we think, is sometimes when you're out of town, the bank will require a zip code.”

The couple told THV11 that they did not put the chain lock on the door because this door locked automatically.

“We will definitely lock the latch bolt, absolutely.”

The couple is grateful they slept through the crime, instead of waking up to it.

“We really felt like that was God's protection.”

No arrests have been made yet. Police need your help identifying the person who is pictured.

If you have any information, contact North Little Rock police.