GRAND HAVEN, Mich. — During the partial government shutdown they aren’t getting paid, but personnel at the Grand Haven Coast Guard Station will not go hungry.  

As long as the shutdown continues American Legion Post #28 across the street from the station is offering free meals to Coast Guard personnel.

Spaghetti on Wednesdays and burgers on Fridays. “We are donating dinners to all active duty Coast Guard personnel,” explains Post #28 adjutant Larry Lambert. “All of them, regardless of rank. The reason why we are doing this is, basically, we are a veterans organization and we are veterans helping veterans.”

The office of the Coast Guard Festival in Grand Haven is also accepting cash donations that they are converting into gift cards for Coast Guard personnel. The Coast Guard Petty Officers association in Grand Haven has organized a food drive for families. Many local businesses are also trying to help.  

“This community is Coast Guard,” says Lambert. “That’s who we are.”