(Grand Haven Tribune) - Three members of the Ottawa County Central Dispatch team jumped in to help when an unconscious woman was pulled out of a swimming pool Thursday, Aug. 9, in Las Vegas.

Ryan Culver, who was just honored as the Dispatcher of the Year during the annual 911 Convention held there this week, rushed in to help along with co-worker Meagan Ross. Another co-worker, Megan Chapman, grabbed towels and dried off the girl so they could use an AED.

Culver, a tele-communicator and Ross, a dispatch supervisor, took turns with the life guard to do CPR for about 10 minutes until emergency personnel arrived, according to Tim Smith, Ottawa County 911 Executive Director.

When it looked like the girl might revive, Culver went out to meet the ambulance team.

However the girl did not respond prior to being taken from the scene by paramedics about 35 minutes later.

“Our selfless folks jumped in while others stared and did an outstanding job rendering aid and working with the life guards and onsite medic team. They are truly heroes,” said Ottawa County 911 Deputy Director Donna Kempf-Barnes.