In response to the tragic news we report, WZZM 13 wanted to remind West Michigan that good still outshines evil.

To that extent, we sponsored a LOVE > hate Dance for Unity at Rosa Parks Circle in downtown Grand Rapids.

The dance was a partnership with the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society.

"With dancing the fun part is sometimes you are dancing with a complete stranger, strangers that may believe something completely different than you, they may look differently than you but ultimately dancing everyone can do it together through love and unity," says Steve Zaagman.

Mayor Rosalyn Bliss took the stage to address the crowd.

"I want to thank WZZM for their commitment to not only cover important news but also to take the time to cover positive things happening in this community because it's the power of people that brings us all together," says Bliss.

A 25-piece big band, “Hark Up Horns” performed during the event.

"This is why we're here tonight to be able to support one another, to encourage one another and to say we might be different but we're here to support and love each other," says Juliet Dragos.

If you couldn't make Tuesday's event, Steve Zaagman is trying to break the Guinness World Record for people swing dancing in one place. Be one of the lucky 1,200 dancers to bring the record back to Grand Rapids on July 19!