GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Grand Rapids Fire Department saw a milestone on Friday: the installation of the 25,000th smoke detector.

Thanks to a grant through FEMA firefighters have been able check more than 4-thousand homes for hazards and install the smoke alarms for free.

"They have a 10 year lithium sealed battery so they won't have to have a battery replaced for 10 years," explained Fire Marshall Eric Dokter, "Fire statistic show that people without working smoke detectors smoke alarms in their homes are at much greater risk of injury or death in case of fire."

The fire department would like to remind renters that their landlords are responsible for providing working smoke alarms in their properties. They must be provided in bedrooms, outside of sleeping areas, and one on each floor of the residence.

You can call 311 to schedule a home safety visit and to get free smoke alarms in your house.