It's being called the biggest redevelopment in Tulip City in a decade.

A developer is investing $30 million downtown. It will include new stores, apartments and more between 8th and 9th street and River and Pine.

If you've gone to downtown Holland to shop, it might be the block you've ignored in the past. It's known for the courthouse and police department, but not stores. However, now that's starting to change.

"When we have such a civic block with the police department and the courthouse then you don't have reasons to continue with commerce and now we will," says Holland Mayor Nancy Deboer.

Several images show how a $30 million project will change the area. Local developer, GDK Construction, plans to build up to 100 apartments, new stores, and a restaurant on the block.

When asked if the project is a game changer for that part of downtown, Mayor Deboer responded, "Oh, absolutely".

The same company also plans to partner with the city to build a $6 million two-level parking garage in the area with 300 spaces. All of the new development is right next to the major renovation project planned at the Holland Civic Center.

"It's a huge connection between the farmers market and Civic Center development and the rest of downtown," says Mayor Deboer.

Mayor Deboer says it took the company several years to acquire the property needed for the project.
Demolition is now underway.

"This is really exciting when it finally comes together and we can start to see construction and remodeling and refreshing of that whole area, it is going to be a whole different footprint," says Mayor Deboer.

City leaders say the project will be done one building at a time. Construction on the first one is scheduled to begin in September and last about a year.

Mayor Deboer says the timeline for the parking garage depends on market demand.