HOLLAND, Michigan — It may be a cold and blustery winter out there, but that also means that spring will be here before you know it.

One of the most anticipated events for spring in West Michigan is Holland’s Tulip Time. And even though it is months away they are busy preparing for the festival.

Thursday, Tulip Time announced that the artists for the Klompen Garden have been chosen. The garden will showcase 45 pairs of large ‘wooden’ shoes installed in city parks and tulip beds throughout downtown Holland.

The artists are from Ottawa, Allegan, Kent, Muskegon and Kalamazoo Counties and had to submit design concepts to the Klompen Garden Committee for consideration. Each artist will get a large pair (34”L x 12”W x 12”H) of ‘wooden’ shoes for their artwork.

The artists, or groups of collaborating artists selected to create this unique garden are:

Name/Organization                                         Concept Name

Art for All                                                          Tulips for All

Donna and Gary Bogle                                      Klompen Cakes on a Klompen

Barbara Carlson                                                Tulips, Sunshine & Whimsy

Amber Darsch, Color Me Well Graphics             A Small Town, Big Traditions

Amber Darsch, Color Me Well Graphics             I Dance Among the Tulips

Beth De Jong                                                    Earth, Wind, and Spitfire

Perla DeLeon                                                    FIESTA TULIPAN

Evergreen Day Center                                       Geo Past

Evergreen Day Center                                       Walk in my Shoes

Amanda Fickel                                                  Shoes of a Feather

Jackie Foss                                                      Sew Dutch

Jackie Foss                                                      Starry Shoes

Christopher Garcia                                            Night and Day

Olivia Hill                                                          Folk Art Klompen

Susan Hill                                                         Dorothy Goes Dutch

Susan Hill                                                         Traditional Delft

Holland Area Arts Council                                  Color Wheel of Spring

Kids’ Food Basket                                             A Community Solution

Diane Kovacich                                                 Holland, the Jewel of Michigan’s West Coast

Marsha Marier                                                  Dancing Tootsies

Marsha Marier                                                  Nature’s Marigold Dance

Claire Miller                                                      Bloem Kus

Claire Miller                                                      Holland Hue

Veronica Morgan                                               Dutch Lullaby

Veronica Morgan                                               Street Scrubber

Rozlin Opolka                                                   Dance Among the Fireflies

Angela Price                                                     Keyan

Delaney Ann Prins                                            Holland Traditions

Delaney Ann Prins                                            Piet Mondrian goes Orange!

Stephanie Sebright                                           90 Years of Dance

Cathryn Schofield                                              Flowers out of Foot Steps

Lisa Schulist                                                     In Full Bloom

The Slikkers Family                                           Yacht Feet

Carolyn Stich                                                    A Punny Bouquet

Carolyn Stich                                                    Star Light, Star Bright

Kimberly Smith                                                  Glass Slippers

Zoe Streiff                                                        The Dutch Birdhouse

Tulip Time Festival                                            Heirloom

Kelly Vander Kley                                              Glass Flowers in Orange

Kelly Vander Kley                                              Kleurrijk Klompen

Priscilla Walsh                                                  Orange you going to dance?

Heidi Weller                                                      De Oranje Klompen

Heidi Weller                                                      Klompen van Delftware

Robert Wilson                                                   Music to My Feet

Robert Wilson                                                   Vintage 90

The juror’s pick will be awarded a grand prize of $1,000 and will be announced at an artist reception on April 11. 

The public will also have a chance to vote for their favorites of the remaining 44 klompen between May 1 – 11, 2019. The top three public picks will be announced on May 12. Of the public votes, first place will be awarded $500, second place will be awarded $300 and third place will be awarded $200. For more information visit: www.tuliptime.com/klompen-garden.