Researchers are always discovering new and better ways to rehabilitate people with brain injuries, and it's Hope Network Vice President Margaret Kroese's job to make sure the latest techniques are available to patients in West Michigan.

On April 2 in Novi, the Brain Injury Association of Michigan honored her with its community service and leadership award.

"I really appreciate the recognition, but it has been a group effort, a team effort," she said. "When we work with someone, when they come to our program, they often have difficulty engaging the world -- and when they go through intensive rehabilitation, they leave our program taking care of themselves, thinking about returning to work. It's an amazing journey that they are on, and you are a part of that, and it's so inspiring."

Kroese began working at Hope Network when she finished graduate school 20 years ago. At first, she was providing direct care for patients and is now Vice President and Executive Director of Rehabilitation Services.