This story originally was published Feb. 23, 2016.

KALAMAZOO, Mich. (WZZM) -- Tiana Carruthers, the 25-year-old woman shot several times in the Meadows Townhomes parking lot, remains in serious condition, family said Tuesday.

She's recovering at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo and while she rests, many people calling her a hero -- witnesses said she put herself between the shooter and a group of children.

Tammy George said four bullets ended up in her bedroom closet where her 15-year-old-son and his two friends were playing video games Saturday night.

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"We were home in the living room and just settled down to dinner," George said. "Heard six to eight noises sounded like fireworks."

George went outside and found out those noises weren't fireworks.

"Our neighbor is between the pickup and the curb screaming about her kids," George said. "She was asking about her kids and then she said he just shot me. I don't know why."

The shootings began around 6 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 20, when suspect Jason Dalton allegedly shot Carruthers four times in the complex's parking lot. Investigators believe he then went on to shoot and kill two people at the Seelye Kia car dealership and four others at the Cracker Barrel restaurant near I-94

Meadows Townhomes is located northeast of Kalamazoo in Richland Township.

Near a park in the parking lot -- orange spray paint marks tire tracks and the spots where 11 shell casings landed.

"Must have been mom's sense that she knew something was going on and she told them to run and from my understanding the kids said she stood in front of them," said George, who stayed with Carruthers' children and their friends.

"I told them their mom was out there talking about them and that she was going to be okay."

The next day -- she washed some of the reminders of what happened here away.

"If it was my blood, I don't want my kids to see that and her kid were still here," George said. "And they should not have to see that."

Carruthers' mother, Iona, released a statement though Kalamazoo Mayor Bobby Hopewell, expressing their appreciation to the community for keeping Carruthers in their thoughts and prayers in the days since the Kalmazoo shooting spree.

"Our hearts reach out to all families touched by this senseless tragedy," the statement reads, in part.

Tiana Carruthers
Tiana Carruthers

The full statement is posted below:

“Our hearts reach out to all families touched by this senseless tragedy.We appreciate every prayer and tender thought extended to us. We also offer special thanks to our law enforcement teams, EMS professionals and the doctors and nurses who are providing us compassionate care.”