The multiple fatalities are hitting home with bicyclists across West Michigan.

At the Ada Bike Shop, Steve Kunnath preaches safety. Twice a week, he and his friends head out on the roads. He reminds them of the rules.

"If there's white lines here, we ride as close to them as possible," Kunnath said.

In Michigan, Bicyclists can ride two abreast, nothing more.

"I make sure I let the group know if we're on a busy road, we ride single file to make sure cars can get by," Kunnath said.

Bicyclist are required to signal when they turn or stop. At the bike shop, Kunnath also suggests safety gear, like a good helmet with a reflector, bright clothing and lights.

"If you're running one of the flashing lights on front, people see you coming, they're not going to turn in front of you -- if they're paying attention," he said.

In the Kalamazoo case, Kunnath doesn't think the cyclist were doing anything wrong. But, he says it's a reminder to us all, to stay safe on the roads.

"Nothing could have stopped that last night, other than stopping the person before it happened," Kunnath said.

Steve says although he and his friends are shaken up by what happened, it's not going to stop them from riding their bikes.