The Great Lakes Surf Rescue Project is issuing a "dangerous currents" warning for the Fourth of July Holiday weekend.

The GLSRP Executive Director Dave Benjamin explained in a press release, "Winds equals waves equals dangerous currents on the Great Lakes.

"Rip currents, longshore currents, and structural currents will be working in concert on the Michigan, Indiana, and Illinois lake fronts. If you are ever struggling in water over your head, flip, float and follow. It's the stop, drop and roll of water safety."

The "flip, float and follow" process is broken down as:


  1. Flip over onto your back and float.


  1. Float to keep your head above water.
  2. Float to calm yourself down from the panic and fear of drowning.
  3. Float to conserve your energy.


  1. Follow the safest course to safety: Never swim against a current. If you are in a dangerous current, assess which way it is pulling you. Then swim perpendicular to the currents flow until you are out of it and then swim toward shore. If you are too tired to swim to shore, continue to float and signal someone on shore for help. Also, the waves may eventually bring you back to shore.

For more information, visit GLSRP's Facebook page.