Not everyone has a Valentine to celebrate with on Wednesday but there's still time to find one, through an app, of course.

There's no doubt a number of 18 to 24 year olds using dating apps is on the rise. In fact, its nearly tripled over the last few years according to the Pew Research Center.

That's why one Hudsonville man wants to make sure you settle for love. David Wheeler won't deny, he was swiping left on love.

"I just felt like it was all about selling yourself. It was all about just putting your best picture up there just kind of bragging about yourself and I thought there's a better way to do this," Wheeler told WZZM 13.

Wheeler eventually did find his one using an app and now he's hoping to help others with his new dating app called Settle for Love.

"Settling is accepting something less than perfect and love is this amazing awesome thing that we all want so we put them together and say if you're going to get love you have to accept someones perfect and imperfect side," Wheeler said.

So how does it work?

The concept is called shade and shine. Wheeler first wants you to post your shine, a nice picture of yourself, listing some positive traits but then he also wants you to get real, posting your shade, a not so great photo of yourself and share some of your imperfect traits.

"I think sometimes you can connect on those imperfections, one example that I commonly mention is that I watch The Bachelor and for a guy it's kind of a girly thing to admit," Wheeler said.

"But I've been amazed, I'm married now and we connect on that."

A concept Wheeler hopes will bring in people serious about dating.

"I think the casual dating apps--the Tinders, the Bumbles--people have lived that life style for a couple years now," he said.

"So now we're seeing a shift in long-term dating, loving themselves for their perfect and imperfect side because that's what love is, that's what marriage is, that's what long term relationships are all about."

Settle for Love has been live for about a month now. Wheelers says right now they're focusing on local college campuses like GVSU and will slowly roll it out through the state and then the country.

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