Fallasburg Village in Lowell offers an incredible look at what life might have looked like in the 1800's. Decades later, some say the village is haunted. The Fallasburg Historical Society is teaming up with the Michigan Paranormal Alliance to host the Fallasburg Ghost Walk Saturday night and you are invited.

"Fallasburg the Village has been here since the late 1830's when the first settlers came here, John Wesley Fallas and his brother Silas so Fallasburg Park is what brings people out here. The covered bridge is usually what lures them across into Fallasburg Village and when they get across the bridge they realize that they really have walked through...you remember the TV show in the 60's "The Time Tunnel" well it almost is like that when you go across the bridge because this village is virtually untouched over time," said Ken Tamke, the president of the Fallasburg Historical Society.

"One of the remarkable things that happened post civil war was the railroad decided not to come through Fallasburg, the railroad decided to follow the Grand River and go through Lowell and so Fallasburg became an afterthought and everybody basically bailed out by the end of the 1800's. Fallasburg was a ghost town," he explained.

Enter the Michigan Paranormal Alliance. Invited by the Fallasburg Village Historical society to check out the grounds, they've had more than one encounter here. "I'm the psychic medium on the team," explained Rosemary Lelieveld. "In the Misner house we've had several members actually physically touched and on audio, on our recorders, we've captured footsteps so those were the tangible things," explained Rosemary.

"Down at the Tower house, we have other sensitives on the team as well, and we basically got impressions of the people that had been there before. I always go into a location blind, so I don't know anything, and the information we got, Tina with the society was able to confirm that information."

So what can Ghost walk attendees expect Saturday night? "We are going to give a small presentation about the equipment we have, and present some of the evidence we have from these locations. Then we are going to break into groups of 3 and everybody will have a docent from the society, and then a member or two from MPA. When the guests arrive they will have the opportunity to use and experience our equipment so they can kind of gather their own recorders, flashlights, any ghost hunting equipment that they have. Essentially they are going to be told about the history in the locations that we are at and perhaps they will have a paranormal experience while they are here."

"This is an opportunity to learn about the community here and go back in time and appreciate the past," said Rosemary. "Fallasburg has been out of the path of progress and when people discover it by going across the bridge they realize, oh my goodness, my cell phone doesn't work here and it really is like we've taken a step back in time," said Ken.

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