With the holiday shopping season upon us, many are looking to give a gift that embodies a personal touch.

At Michigan Awesome, t-shirts, artisanal food boxes, candles and more are all good options as the business curates items that are locally crafted within our state.

“It’s a celebration of state pride and hometown love,” said Dave Ornee, operations manager at Michigan Awesome.

The company started about seven years ago when Michigan was in the midst of an economic downturn. The founders wanted to create a product that captured the spirit of Michigan. The t-shirt company has since grown into an online-based business that provides many options of the Michigan enthusiast.

Its most popular holiday order: tailored made artisanal food boxes.

“They’re assembled of 17 different artisan food products from local manufactures [and] small farms,” said Jonathan Koop, one of the original founders. “And [the products] are all made in Michigan.”

Koop added that seven out of 10 of their food box orders are actually shipped out of state.

“They make great gifts,” he said.